Rethinking Economics Waterloo Conference 2015

Rethinking Economics Waterloo Conference 2015

Saturday February 7, 2015 | St. Paul’s University College, University of Waterloo

Rethinking Economics is a student movement and organization whose purpose is to challenge the current paradigms in economics and economics education; not simply for the sake of being critical, but for the sake of developing a deeper understanding of the economy and to formulate ideas about how to improve economics as a profession and as a discipline.

Rethinking Economics Waterloo Conference is all about asking if, how, and why economics can and should be rethought. Over the course of the day, you will be hearing from a variety of distinguished speakers, representing various disciplines, professions, and schools of thought. We will also have a number of interactive discussion workshops.

Topics: ecological economics, complexity and economics, feminism and economics, economics curriculum reform, local economic development, economics of food security, traditional Canadian economic theories

We want to start the conversation, already happening worldwide, about methodological, disciplinary and theoretical pluralism in the study of economies.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Dr. Daniel Drache – Professor of Political Science & Canadian Studies, York University
  • Dr. Jennifer Clapp – Canada Research Chair Global Food Security, uWaterloo
  • Dr. John Bonnett – Canada Research Chair Digital Humanities, Brock University
  • Joe Mancini – Director of the Working Centre, Kitchener
  • Dr. Lutz-Alexander Busch – Associate Undergraduate Chair of Economics, uWaterloo
  • Dr. Patricia Marino – Professor of Philosophy, uWaterloo
  • Dr. Peter Victor – Professor of Economics, York University

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