Rethinking Economics Waterloo Inaugural Conference was a huge success!

Rethinking Economics Waterloo (REW) is co-founded by Alexandra Kraushaar, Masters of Arts Philosophy Candidate, University of Waterloo and Geoff Evamy Hill, Bachelor Knowledge Integration Candidate, University of Waterloo. REW is the local chapter of Rethinking Economics, a global “grassroots” network of students, thinkers, and citizens who seek to give voice to new and marginalized economics narratives that could enrich economic theory, research, and teaching. Rethinking Economics aims to make economics more accessible, diverse, reflective, and responsible for the public eye and within academia. To kick start REW, we hosted a one-day conference on February 7, 2015 in Waterloo, ON at St. Paul’s University College. The conference hosted academics and professionals engaging in economics through unique and diverse ways. Some of the topics included ecological economics, globalization of markets, philosophy of economics, neoclassical trade theory and food security, substantive economics and community tools, and economic curriculum redesign. Dr. Peter Victor opened the day with a very thought provoking talk on ecological economics, urging students to take the initiative to think beyond what they learn in the classroom and push the boundaries within the economics discipline. While, Dr. Lutz-Alexander Busch closed the day with how the University of Waterloo Economics Department is changing their curriculum design and considering some of the concerns movements and students like Rethinking Economics have about how economics is taught in the classroom. Overall, this was a very successful day of positive, intellectual inquiry into economics well beyond the classroom, textbooks, and the neoclassical school of thought. Attendees included students, professionals, public, and professors alike. Some attendees were experts in economics and some new nothing prior to attending. This conference was a unique and successful way to kick start discussions, outside the classroom, about economics here on campus at University of Waterloo.


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